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Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

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Lance Alexander has been installing and managing Contact Centres across the East African region for a while now and have gained a wealth of experience that we can pass on to you.

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Our messaging platform offering IVR, SMS and Voice broadcast service ensures that your message gets home

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Our tangaza services are composed of a multichannel platform that allows you create engaging and efficient SMS marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications of any scale

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3CX will satisfy your day-to-day communications needs. From receiving calls while out of the office, to boosting agent productivity, face-to-face meetings and much more.

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Lancepay is a simple, convenient and secure way to make regular payments such as wages, expenses and supplier payments. Managed via a web portal for Business, the service is ideal for companies and institutions that wish to make multiple payments in one batch across various available mobile money telco companies. Learn more...

Data Collection and M&E Services

data collections surveys in the following languages; English, French, Kiswahili, Amharic, Dinka, Somali, Luganda, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi and Lingala

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