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Create engaging and efficient marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications of any scale.

SMS Your message

tangaza means inform in swahili. Our tangaza services are composed of a multichannel platform that allows you create engaging and efficient SMS marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications of any scale.   for more...


Bulk SMS with the highest throughput and detailed delivery reports
2-Way SMS 
Mobile number validation - determine number roaming status, portability, activity
Real-time reporting - logs, statistics, graphs
Extensive Unicode, long SMS, SMS transliteration and language identifier
support. for more...


Create engaging and efficient SMS marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications of any scale. 

Advanced tools include campaign scheduling, delivery speed, contacts management, logs and statistics. All you have to do is sign in and get started!   for more...


Used by banks and large enterprises, our service delivers automated, event-based messages.

Fully programmable, it integrates with any enterprise database and sustains large traffic. 

Security is Paramount to ensure the traffic and confidential data are protected.  for more...


Worldwide SMS-based 2-factor authentication
for websites and mobile apps,

Solution includes one-time PIN generation and verification, security logic,
global OTP delivery, step-by-step delivery
reports and real-time conversion rate tracking. for more... 

VOICE Say it loud and clear

dont get your message mixed up in all the noise. Talk directly to your customers and get the message through.

VOICE Messages The Best Ideas

Deliver voice messages to any mobile or landline number in the world!

Track user responses and trigger customized actions, tailored to your needs. Develop content-rich voice applications with our Voice message API.  Any company can use our Voice message solution, with or without development resources.   for more...

Schedule The right time 

Schedule your messages at a time convinient for your customers to pick the call for better responses

Our platform will generate comprehensive reporting to enable you plan future campaigns more effectively Based on delivery ratios and call drop matrices. You can tell if the customer actually listened to the whole message and from that determine the best time to call  for more...

CLIENT CARE A unique approach

Send updates on upcoming sales discounts. Prerecord personalised and customer specific messages and
broadcast to any phone in the world. Pay only for delivered messages.  for more...

SUBSCRIPTIONS Customer retention

Your campaigns' subscription management, free for end-users. Use response codes (DTMF tones) to offer a simple opt in/out within a single call session. Make sure you run legitimate, fair campaigns!   for more...

CALL CENTRES  An Effective Tea

Launch an outbound campaign with a prerecorded message, and define a response code that will transfer interested customers directly to the call centre and a live agent.  for more...

TRAINING Mobility borderless reach

Deliver pre recorded training content direct to any phone. Target market, youth training, farmers training, financial services, and health information and training.   for more...

VIDEO Conferencing 
A picture is worth a thousand words

Our hosted video conference services are platfrom independed and you do not need special equipment to use.

Invite your participants via email and in a few minutes you are talking. All you and your participants need is a web browser and you are good to go.   for more...

Based on webrtc technology you can:
1. Share documents
2. Collaborate 
3. Record your confrence
4. Interact with our participants
5. Vote on issues and agendas

What is it good for

1. Traning and webinars
2. Business presentations
3. Telemedicine
4. Customer support
5. Save on expensive travel

Creative Team

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products

Realize Your ideas

Our messaging platform offering IVR, SMS and Voice broadcast service ensures that your message gets home

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Our highly experienced team of Engineers and Business consultants will help and guide you to the right solution for the job

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